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La Eiffel Touer de Paris

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed objects in history. (http://www.paris-live.com/) Not a single local, tourist, or pigeon has been to that great city and NOT witnessed that great structure. So when I approached this this gorgeous (arguably), unbelievably massive (not arguable) structure with a considerable amount of self induced pressure. Like the same kind of pressure an athlete feels when they need to play good game every night or a smart person needs to ace every test – you just want to do something great with what you’ve got! I took 100’s of images of the tower in the few short times I was in it’s presence. I’m not sure if these images are what I would call a ‘success’ in the matter of showing a different perspective, but I do like each one individually and they take me back to a time this summer that was especially fun for me.

Lone Man and the Tower

Lone Man and the Tower

So I was a little nervous to be honest. This thing is huge – and its reputation precedes itself (to pretty much every living human on earth) So naturally I wanted to go LARGE. *notice the elevator about half way up*


Eiffel Tower en Large

In the last hours of the night just before the tower’s lights turn off – they dance! Every 15 min. it erupts with light resembling a giant metal christmas tree that can be seen all over the city. We went up to the second level to take in the night views of the city and witnessed this phenom while on it….it was crazy! To look up the side all the way to the top while thousands of lights sparkling in the night sky was pretty sweet (I mean totally rad!)

Tower Lit UP

Tower Lit UP

In the end I guess it was a success. This wasn’t for a magazine or client – only for me – and now that I can share these images and share a gimps of what my perspective of the Eiffel Tower is like (at this point in my photography infancy) I just wish I could PAINT it! haha

Eiffel at the end of the night

Eiffel At The End Of The Night

  • Wow Mike! Those are gorgeous! The last two are my hands-down faves! I remember the first time I saw the tower… I recall being surprised that it was brown instead of black. Then, I was even more surprised that I found that surprising…. hmmmmmm.

  • admin

    Why am I not surprised haha! Thanks for the comments…and check my post out in general 🙂 We should go on a little road trip sometime when you’re not crazy busy. I know a few secret spots from working at the tv station 🙂