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Dont drive in Paris at night! ….ok, do it!

072109_8943_cropOn our way to Africa we got the chance to spend a few days in Paris (…I know, a rough layover right?) A great place to relax if you can find a seat (amongst all the tourists) and an absolutely amazing place to photograph (if you can get away from the tourists) We met up with my friend Faouza’s brother and sister who are the most welcoming hosts we could have asked for. We had multiple personal tour guides who showed Nate, Dave, and I around one of the most beautiful cities. With such a great and romantic history I was excited to walk the same streets of Nepoleon and the famous beheaded Marie Antoinette.

What really shocked me was the enormous size of the buildings. I didnt know you needed a building the size of a 17th century Pentagon to house some artwork – but if you are housing some of the most beloved artwork of all time…whose to say you cant. And that is the French way really, they will just because they can. For now, I think I will too…

I did get the exciting chance to drive around downtown for a night out seeing the Eiffel Tour lit up. I love driving in new cities for the excitement. Im sure it was just as enjoyable for the other people in the car! …and lets just say we made it home alive! Haha.

But for the last few days we were nothing more than tourists so here are a few goodies….