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Hot & Humid with a chance of Malaria

072409_9166Sleeping with a mosquito net really isn’t that bad…after a while you kind of get used to it. I like to think of it as the iron curtain between the elements and me – even though there are holes in it the size of a fist. Yesterday a bat (presumably a fruit bat) just flew into our room while the door was open. After a few aerial laps around our heads it decided to jet back out the open door again. I’m loving this kind of wild!

We have been here for just about long enough to adjust to the heat and humidity (which is also, strangely, something I don’t mind) and walking around at night in darkness. Also it’s always a challenge adjusting to the language barrier – but I’m learning something everyday – aka learning how to say the same 5 words over and over to try to get your meaning across. My French is terrible (terreeebley) …and my Lingala is worse but the beauty of having a camera is that sometimes words aren’t necessary when a smile and a bonjour is more than enough to make a friend – I’m finding that the Congolese people are extremely gracious, fun, and all around happy people surrounded by hardships we Americans find hard to even imagine. A good lesson in in being content!Some hard work being done at Elikya

Im also learning about what all the programs that take care of the less fortunate people in one of the most unfortunate countries. We here to cover the GlobalFingerprints and TouchGlobal programs as well as the Elikya Village Project and are busy getting still and video images to take back to the U.S. We have been getting some great footage to eventually put together some really great and hopefully powerful material. From meeting the sponsored orphans and hearing them tell their stories, to touring the busy Elikya site and seeing the foundations for an amazing future – this is absolutely inspiring. Its the Congolese people enabling and creating opportunity for other Congolese people that really is great about these ministries.

Cute kids!