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Soggy Walk

On a lonely soggy day last week my pal Zach an I decided to brave the cold wind and rain and go for a photo walk. It turned out to be more of a photo drive (b/c it really was cold) but it was fun to get out shooting none-the-less. The black and white images I especially enjoyed because they look extra gloomy with the soggy weather.

We came across a few spots I had never seen before, which is kind of surprising considering I have lived in this relatively small town most of my life. How many times do you drive over an overpass but ever walk under it? How many times have you seen the underside of the lamp posts that light your way when you’re driving home late at night? The underbelly of where we live might not be the most glamorous or inviting (at first) but with just a little closer look, it’s just as intriguing as the topside.

One particular location there was a small house directly under the overpass with a billboard literally inches from the back door of the house. I was impressed anyone could be happy living there …assuming they indeed are happy people. I’ll be thinking of a good way to photograph that spot in the future.

Just goes to show you never know what you’ll find under the overpass 🙂


A auto repair shop near the tracks completely covered top to bottom with sheet metal and a repaired roof sitting on barrels.rainwalk_041209_5098_bwrainwalk_041209_5207rainwalk_041209_5105_blur_b