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Couchsurfing Milestone

couchsurfingRecently CouchSurfing celebrated having 1 million members with a party in NYC. CouchSurfing is simple: you sign up to host and/or be hosted by other members. And as per their policy, there are no fees – it’s completely free. But it’s not just for backpackers and other frugal types, although they greatly appreciate it. Doctors, business owners, and other “regular people” are also users, making this a growing community that is also increasing its status and opportunities for networking.

There are many places abroad that are listed, but you can also stay in homes accoss the U.S. Take a chance and make a new friend by hosting or being hosted. Listings include user recommendations and address verification.

This NYTimes article is full of testimonies on traveler’s experiences and info about the recent gathering celebrating 1 million members. CouchSurfing’s website offers info on how to sign up and FAQ.

Check out this story the BBC ran on this amazing CouchSurfing milestone: