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Back to Bonnaroo!


I am super excited that I got the phone call to return back to Manchester, TN in the sweltering heat, dust, chaos of 80,000 ‘people’ that is Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival!

Bonnaroo is one of the premier musical events of the summer and consistently draws in the large crowds, it’s one of the most popular too.

Last year I was lucky enough to meet the producers of the event from Third Wave Productions at a restaurant in Chicago a week before I left for London…and as fate would have it, getting kicked out of the UK (because of visa ‘issues’) was a BIG blessing in disguise. I returned with a gig as an assistant for the festival and eventually  got the chance to shoot the bands live on stage for Third Wave. It was an amazing experience and I’m stoked I get the opportunity to shoot there again! (check out my Metalica shot on their homepage as well as the crowd shot in the FUSE.tv at Bonnaroo link- www.thirwaveproductions.com)

Almost every band in the line-up I havent seen live yet so I’m envisioning a very good time.

Also check out my portfolio from Bonnaroo ’08! www.mikenyff.com/photo/assignment/bonnaroo08/

  • Now in thailand is loy kratong festival.