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twimSometimes I just want to get in my car and drive somewhere so I can get a chance to listen to my favorite podcasts. It combines two of my favorite things; traveling and podcasts! If you are into media and/or photography I would definitely recommend these two gems – This Week in Media and This Week in Photography. twipPIXELCORPS’s Alex Lindsay and professional photog Steve Simon are among many of TWiPs photographers who discuss camera technique, technology, and news. From taking photos of the family to understanding how cameras work to testing state-of-the-art equipment. I like to listen with a pad of paper and pen to write down websites, and techniques. TWiP is essencially a bunch of media professionals sitting around a table drinking coffee and having a conversation about photography. I view this as one of the most valuable resources a new photographer getting into the business – professional insight. I especially enjoy the picks of the week. (…not to be confused with picts of the week…whaaa whaaa)

TWiM is pretty similar in the structure and layout of the presentation but has a much broader scope. Each week Alex Lindsay and other experts in content creation and the media get together to discuss the week’s developments. These broad topics that are continually changing media world and TWiM keeps you on top of the heap!

Go to PixelCorps.tv to download all the podcasts as well as many others on different media subjects.