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Kearney Media Group


Kearney Media Group aims to be a local network of photographers, video producers, web designers, graphic designers, writers and anyone looking for a creative community here in good ole’ central Nebraska. It’s really for anyone who wants to do something creative in Kearney but doesn’t feel like there is anyone to help out there or any resources to bring your vision into reality.

This group will hopefully be a space where people can look to each other for jobs, projects, or creative/technical input. If your a student you may need input on a project or help with some gear…a professional may need an assistant for a specific job but cant pay so a student or hobbiest may work out best. I know from experience that UNK and other schools around the area dont really give you real word experiences in those fields (i.e. working for MONEY and real clients…) So this could be a good opportunity….

Feel free to invite any of your friends who you ‘d think would be a benefit to the group. Lets try to keep this to media people so we can keep things better focused on our needs as a group.

Here we will post meet ups to see who in the area has similar aspirations of doing something creative. Meet and greet, hang out, discuss possible future creative projects, see who’s has the gear you want, and network for future work/fun!

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