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To the edge and back. (originally posted 12/15/05)

auckland harborI am finally back in Auckland today from a 5 day excursion to the very northern tip of New Zealand and back. We saw some of the most amazing scenes I have ever seen, snorkeled in a bay of islands, saw the converge of the pacific and Tasman seas, drove on one of the longest beaches in the world, tobogganed down giant sand dunes, and of course,  ate some of the best seafood around…and its only been a week!! You cant imagine to scenery here but hopefully you can see just a glimpse of it when i get a chance to post some pictures and videos (by tomorrow i promise)
I have so much stuff to write and so many stories so far but I dont want to make this too wordy and bore you. I think the pictures will speak for themselves.  Sara and I met a guy from Michigan named Bobby at orientation and he has been with us so far. It has helped cut costs and he has a pretty decent selection on his ipod.  But we rarely need it because it doesnt take very long to drive anywhere here. They say you can travel the entire length of both islands in 28 hrs!
Well I have already made this too long but if you would like to call me my cell receives FREE incoming calls. Its 011 64 210 234 1959…or you can text and that is free for me too. take care.