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To Sydney and Beyond (originally posted 12/22/06)

Goodbye New Zealand!Well my year in New Zealand is now a week past and I still am coming to grips with the idea that I’m another country again. Mom and Dad came for my last week and had a near perfect trip. We almost drove around the entire South Island in six days, which is a pretty big deal with dad. Glaciers, mountains, rain forests, wineries, penguins, whales, and too much else to list. I think for all of us, it will give memories that will last forever and I am so glad they took the time and money (lots of money 🙂 to come visit.

Then they were off to Tasmania for another fun in the sun week with Rob and Rita Gunn (more penguins to be seen and wine to be tasted). I shot back up to Wellington for a day to attend Sarah’s wedding. And yes, this IS the same Sarah that came over with me a short year ago! So a long story short she met Devin in February, they started dating immediately, and were inseparable and rarely left each others’ side. Then the came engagement in September, and marriage on the 25th of November. Bing, Bang, Boom. It goes to show that you will never know what is in store for you until you show up and take the chance. Sarah and Devin are perfect for each other and I’m happy that they found each other. Good on ’em.

As for me, I wasn’t too excited to start all over again and to fight for work and a place to live. I was excited to start a new journey in a completely different environment, plus I had the plane tickets already so why not! I was however in a funk in Wellington and needed a change that would put me in new surroundings with different challenges. After some sad goodbyes in New Zealand and a day layover in a great city called Melbourne, I finally caught up with mom and dad and the Gunns in Hobart on the 27th. The highlights of those few days were a tour of Port Arthur, Australia’s largest convict colonies built in the late 1700’s and seeing, hearing and touching Tasmanian Devils, which contrary to popular belief, are more short sighted than ferocious, and with only 50,000 left in the wild are extremely rare. I’m glad for the chance to have seen both.

So now its a new journey. Beginning in Sydney and however far beyond with enough money to last me only a few weeks and no working visa we will only see what will happen when I show up and take a chance.
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