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The Times Are A Changin… (originally posted 4/30/06)

Out of Taranaki's shadow

Hello everyone throughout the world…to all my loving,  adoring, admiring  fans everywhere. You are all in my mind and on my heart every waking moment and when I’m on the toilet.  Let the distance between us never be so far as to forget what has been, what will be, and what is to come….whatever that means. That being said, I have been trying to get reconnected with a number of you for the past few weeks and have had little luck.  If you see a Unknown or Unavailable caller, it is most likely me…so ANSWER it! Thanks 🙂

For those of you who do screen your calls I’ll give you a short update. For the past 5 or so weeks I have been working pretty hard core and saving money. Firstly, thanks to Kelsi, I have been working at a local cafe called Eva Dixon’s 4-5 shifts a week as server and kitchen hand.  Eva’s has a groovy, laid back atmosphere that makes great coffee (they’re drugging me into liking it i swear!) It has to to compete with the army of cafes in Welly which has more per-capita then New York! My second occupation, washing windows for Addie’s Cleaners, has also been a great experience.  I get to travel all over the city and suburbs squeegee’ín along the way and keeping window shoppers happy. NO I do not hang from scaffolding on top of skyscrapers…that would for sure be the death of me and most likely a lawsuit!  But I do get to use a thirty foot pole that has a brush squirting water all over passers by and myself below. All in all I’m happily working 40-60 hrs. a week!  Plus adding on the Temp Center once in a while, whenever they come calling.

Today I bought a ferry ticket to the South Island and another new journey to a new place.  I’m pretty sad to be leaving Wellington because  I think this is the BEST city in NZ and a must see to anyone visiting.  If you ever are so lucky, let me know and Ill give you a list a few pages long of what you need to see.  As for now, I am getting ready to move -packing the things I still want to keep moving and trying to sell the things I am tired of moving.  I had aspirations of buying a ski pass for the season but quickly had second thoughts when I learned they can run up to $1,200! That hurts anyone’s bank statement…but priorities are priorities and I may have to go without eating for a few months…
Any word on the nutritional value of snow??