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The Good news, The Bad news. (oridinally posted 7/19/06)

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your warm summer and your nice golden tan bodies! I am braving the cold (close to the  arctic) winter but with hope that there will someday be warmth again to my extremities and I will be able to play frisbee without gloves.

Everyone deals with a bad week

I will first start with the good news because everyone likes good news. I finally got a job! I work for Maui Rental at the Queenstow

n airport detailing cars, making them nice and clean and smelling great! Its a pretty posh job because I get to drive all the nice cars into town to get petrol and for repairs. That means lots of time to check out the local radio stations for some good kiwi music 🙂 My first paycheck is this Wednesday and it couldn’t have come soon enough!

The bad news is that I had lost my plane tickets somewhere in the process of moving and after a frantic search, I had to fork out the remainder of my bank account to cover the reprints before my flight became invalid. Then a bad week got worse as  I let a friend borrow my car for the day which he was quite nice and put petrol in it but decided to parked it illegally. The next morning (June 30th) it was towed, parked outside of town, and was quickly robbed of all my valuables inside. Anything and everything that could have any value was taken, including things that didn’t have any value to anyone else but me (like my journals, letters, and postcards)  BUT THANKFULLY all the really expensive things (my computer, camera etc.) were locked safely in my room!

Well I hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer! I am now in the process of getting a working visa for Australia…and if anyone would like to join me in the OZ tour, no worries mate, there’s always plenty of room!