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The Big Update. (originally posted 7/19/07)

Hard @ workWelp, this is the official update to get everyone in the know, so you will know.

First of all, you if you are reading this you’re probably curious as to my where abouts in the last few months and where I am now this very second. Those, my friends, are fairly easy questions to answer, but perhaps a more complex one would be where I WILL be in the next few months. I will make an attempt to clear the perpetual fog that surrounds my future to give you all some idea of what is to come.

At this very second I am at work. Not really working very hard mind you but I at least made it here on time and right now it’s pretty slow. This place is called the Nebraska Television Network (NTV) and I am an assistant producer and photojournalist with hopes of being behind the camera full time. I basically edit, arrange, and cue all the tapes used in the news broadcast and sometimes shoot footage too. Im sitting at the computer in the corner looking at a photo collage of Brad Pitt on some woman’s desk and drinking filtered coffee (like a good caffeinated employee.)

In addition to tape hustling I also work nights at the Developmental Services of Nebraska (DSN) with mostly young adults with developmental disabilities living in group homes in Kearney. My full time status consists of three nights and one morning a week plus a few shifts here and there.

I have also been involved in starting a media production business called Focal Point Media. Myself, along with Mr. Ismael Torres, do all aspects of promotion, marketing, design, and best of all, video production. It’s still all on a small time scale mind you…just for now! Ismael is very motivated and has a good sense of marketing and public relations and I (of course) am the creative genius behind all things digital….go ahead and take my word for it. Since FP Media dived into the frenzy that is the media business in February, we have been busy with projects spanning from various video ventures, to posters, and billboards with an infinite amount of new jobs spawning in the mind of Ismael.

Perhaps the best news I can think of at the moment is that I recently moved BACK with the parents, whom I might add ,invited me to move back into the room that once housed my brother, then me, and now a few years later myself again. I was living close to downtown in a large house made larger with a “entrepreneurial” landlord who is continually adding apartments for more tenants. It was a glorious heap of decks, doors, and unknown planks of cheep 2X4’s sticking out of various parts of the exterior…and I don’t miss it.

The reason for moving is not complicated – I needed to save money.
Saving money, other than working, will be my main objective for the next few months. The world is too big and there are too many things I want to see to stay in one comfortable place. My passion is being out in the wild…the unknown, and not knowing (or caring) where I’ll be sleeping tomorrow.
I still would like to go back to school, I still would like to own my own house and car, and I still would like to pursue a career but at any point in the next 20 years Ill be able to have those luxuries. Right now, my network is on roam.

So there is the update. I will be uploading new pictures and video here soon so come back!
Peace and Love, –Mike