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Skunked! (originally posted 1/07/06)

Let Us Jump!After four days of praying to the cloud and wind gods to stay away, it just wasn’t going to happen. Lake Taupo may be the cheapest place to sky dive in the world but it may also be the hardest to get a clear day.  For four days we tried to get booked and for four days we where rejected. We did however get to throw ourselves off the lakeside cliffs (check out the pictures!), so at least we got a rush. Skydiving on New Years, no matter how cool it sounded, just wasn’t going to happen but we will try our luck again within the next month when summer is in full swing.
Bobby has sadly left us to pursue his travels into the South Island. Good luck with everything! It was fun to have you hang with us for a while. Hopefully we can meet up again in the most beautiful city in all of nz and enjoy another “hoppy” beer that will make us “happy”.