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Safe arrivals and killer jet lag (originally posted 12/9/05)

ArrivalsSorry for the delay in writing to you all and i appreciate all the messages of concern.
I arrived in NZ around 7:30 am on thursday morning and for the first time in my life am a foreigner. I didnt really feel out of place until a gentleman asked my on the flight where I was coming from and I replied the United States; not Nebraska, or Kearney or Cottonmill Lake, but from America.
The 13 hr. flight was surprising easy to take. The in flight movies where terrible and I only watched them out of lack of a place to go (other than out the window).  They were all kids movies and The Dukes of Hazard (Dukes took first in the worst of the worst…yeee-ha!) The food wasnt bad but I probably wouldnt pay for it at a restaurant. Again the window was the other option.
So am now Sarah and I living in a YHA (Youth Hostel Assoc.) in downtown Auckland.  The transition was about as seamless as you could ask for.  I soon regretted backing so much luggage, hauling 70+ lb. bags up escalators and in long lines but everything came for a reason and will come in handy at some point.  We got to our room (which smell reminded me of the high school locker room after a summer football practice…hmm yummy!) but it didnt seem to compare to the jet lag we felt once we put our bags down.  The first day in a completely new country takes a while to sink in.  We will stay here as long it takes to get a cell phone, bank account and a car. I will let you know my new number asap.
Well thats about it for me now. I will post more later. Take care and I miss you all.