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Pastry chefs get all the chicks C=;^) (originally posted 4/16/06)

Big birdThe life of a temp here in Wellington always finds something different and new every week. Last week you may have been called to chase down a naked drunk guy in your only nice pair of black slacks, this week you are called to hob-knob with some of the wealthiest people in NZ (by hob-knob of course I mean “serve drinks to”) and next week you will “become” a pastry chef  and create master works of sugar, flower, and icing. It’s an easy life when your “boss” at the agency calls you and asks you when and where you would like to work.  This life could only be possessed by a backpacker.  The easy in, easy out, then see ya later way of working has been about as common for me as eating peanut butter sandwiches on stale bread, and that only occurs on the days that I dont work catering (because then I’ll get well fed) But some weeks are not as comfy. Work is very inconsistent and sometimes will go days without hearing anything. Having that inconsistency teaches me to invest my money wisely and to really think about what is worth spending it on.  Gone are the days of vanity and useless consumption, which I dont think I will miss any time soon but can bemore of a comfortortable lifestyle.  Everyone wants to be comfortable and not worry about their next meal but if you had to choose between eating lunch and a pair of sunnies what would you do?  All in all, I am learning that “he who would travel happily must travel light.” The more you have, the more you have to worry about.21