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Ohh the MADNESS! (originally posted 4/12/06)

ChicoMarch is a month for many things….the migratory birds who have spent the cold winter months in the warmer regions of the world, start to make their way back to their summer homes….my MOTHER’S birthday, which IS on the 24th, and which I was a terrible son and forgot to call her, but soon realized what date it was a week later and promptly called just to say I love her 🙂 . March is also NCAA basketball madness, where teams battle it out at the end of the season to see who will come out on top….and that brings me to a different madness that the month of March is known for…. March Mustache Madness! Yes all you furry face males and females, its time to grow it and flaunt it! No matter what hemisphere you may be living in, you still will succumb to the madness.  So this is for all my boys back home who represented this year!