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New Years on Lake Taupo (originally posted 12/31/05)

New Years Day, Lake TaupoHello everyone! I hope your Christmas was as magical as it could be and you opened your presents with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm as if you were 5 again. I on the other hand, did not receive any presents but my Christmas was still one to remember.  Sarah, Bobby, Kelsi, Nick (Kelsi’s flatmate) and I made a very nice chicken dinner with all the fix’ins and a nice Riesling to cool the pallet, we ventured out to the midnight service.  We ended up at a catholic church some where down town and even thought none of us are catholic it was the only one open for business.  Even though it was a full house (standing room only) they still managed to find all of us seats together…right in front behind the priests!  Everyone seemed to be staring at us as we tried to sing in latin…and tried to stay awake. And only an hour and a half later it was all over.
The next day was Boxing Day! Pull out your grills, back up the chilly bins, and don’t forget the cricket stick, its time to head to Dives away!the beach! Kelsi invited us to her work party and so we got to celebrate like the locals. After a bit grilled lamb, touch rugby (still don’t know whats goin on) and a bit more of the Tui (NZ brewed brew) we resided to the beach for a snooze. What a rough day.