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New Home, New Job, New Video! (originally posted 1/22/06)

XAIR GamesHello everyone! Its been awhile since I have written on this and a lot has happened since.  After New Years I came back to Wellington to move my things into my new flat and start in on the hunt for a job (so only 2 of the things mentioned in the above title are true…I don’t actually have a job, yet).  The move in was really easy considering I had already been acquainted with my three other flatmates over Christmas.  My friend Kelsi from New Hampshire, who is also in the BUNAC program and also a flatmate, knows a lot about the city and generally it’s just the two of us that go out and do the exploring.  From running up paved mountains to catch the view to witnessing cross-dressing concerts in the park… we’ve done it all, or are at least in the process of doing so…  Wellington is a really great city with a creative scene that spans from fine art galleries to BMX comps to the best in NZ music. There is something going on all the time which is good for someone who has a short attention span.  As for now I am scanning the newspapers and then internet for possible jobs and hopefully will get something close to where all the action is downtown.
This weekend Wellington held a free two day event sponsored by Vodafone (mobile phones) called the X-Air featuring some of the best BMX, skate, motox, bands, and street b-ball from all over NZ and Australia.  They estimated over 140,000 people lined the streets on Saturday and Sunday, making it the biggest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere.  My highlight was the motox best trick between two high rise buildings right in downtown. The back flips where everywhere and luckily I brought the camera (…vid coming soon)
But check out the newest video in my growing collection, and as for now you will just have to wait for the “cross-dressers in the park” footage.