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New Cell Piece! (originally posted 2/21/06)

I now own the cheapest, oldest, and the most uncool phone in Wellington…but it works! Now if you feel the need to talk to me about what to do with that nagging coupled partial differential equation you’ve mulling over, just give me a buzz or txt. I get free incoming international calls so you will be the only person charged :^I …but i think txts might be free for you (but you may want to check on that one) Just under the Contact link.
No real news since the last update. Im working pretty regularly now for the temp center and tonight Im bar tending the big UB40 show *sweet as* They said I may even get to even watch some of it! Yay! Im gonna sing my heart out on Red Red Wine. ”red red wine you make me feel so fine, you keep me rockin all of da time”Tiki guy says call me