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Good (long) read.

London - Edward Rutherfurd Now I wouldn’t consider myself to be a big reader. I almost didn’t put this category in this blog because it on average takes me about 6 months to complete any normal sized book. Seriously. I’m not really embarrassed by that, because in my mind at least I’m trying, but I felt like some things in literature I do have something valuable to input so I’m thinking if it’s gonna be every six months, it’d better be good. Well I wouldn’t consider this to be earth shattering but….

The day I left London my good friend Simon gave me a departing gift that would keep me occupied for the long journey home. A 1,300 page history of London! By my calculations this should take about 3 years to finish but the more and more I read it, the more intrigued I get, and in turn the more I read. The history of this city is nothing boring and is easily filling the 1-1,300 page gap. From getting conquered in time before Christ by the Saxon’s, to conquering nations of their own….this city has seen it all. georgeThe book is a series of fictional stories following six families and their decedents through the generations from the cities’ humble beginning to its present day significance. It also  features a pub called the George that started as a brewery in the 1100’s and is STILL in use today! I know, I went there. I only wish I could have known the history of the streets I was walking for those two months (some of them built by the Romans, who invented stone roads)