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Getting some qt in QT (originally posted 6/15/06)

I arrived to my new destination late evening May 12 under the cover of darkness. There was no moon that evening so everything was pitch black except for the road signs telling me how far i had to go (QT is a five hour drive from Christchurch, which is another five hours from the ferry terminal) I didn’t realize how beautiful and rugged this area is until the next morning when i looked out the window. I saw lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables bursting out like the back of a giant prehistoric monster arching its  back ready to strike (…yes it’s that dramatic).   These mountains are much smaller in scale compared to the Rockies, at a height of only 7,000 meters, but with absolutely no trees and sharp layers of rock gouging out, The Remarkables are one of the most beautiful sights in all of new zealand in my  opinion.   Much of lord of the rings where shot right here in Queenstown and the surrounding areas and for good reason. Everything is very much untouched. I think i will like it most in a blanket of snow and me on the summit  with  a board on my feet and a line to ride.
Life here is much slower compared to Wellington. It gives me time. Time to think, watch movies, read, explore the mnts, take pictures, explore my tastes in NZ wine, be bored, and sit in front of the computer. That is  what you get when you arrive in a new place with no job, no flat and nowhere to go and everyone to meet.
I spent the first two weeks looking for work and enjoying a bit of time off.  I stayed my friend Marina from Vancouver. We had met in Wellington through one of our exchange program pub meetings and kept in touch after she moved knowing I would be soon to follow.   Luckily there was room in her apartment so i gratefully took the couch. It is always nice to have a friend to be able to  show you around town, but more importantly in my opinion, it invaluable to have someone to be able to enjoy a new experience with (especially in a place a beautiful as this).
Now I have been in Queenstown for nearly a month…still jobless and flatless. You get a gratefulness of the city when you get here and see how hard it is to find a flat or a job in a town of only 9,000.  I am currently working for accommodation at a hostel called the discovery lodge. I work 18 hrs a week for  a room shared with seven other travelers doing the same thing.  i am getting used to dealing with changing beds and cleaning kitchens in return for the ease of not worrying about bills. I am also saving anywhere from $90-150 a week…but you can subtract the gin and tonic’s and multiple games pool from the Altitude bar joined directly to the hostel. 🙂
I am still on the hunt for a more proper full time work  at a bar or restaurant in town…and my fingers have been crossed so  long they are starting to cramp.