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Christmas on the beach (originally posted 12/24/05)

12I finally felt a bit grounded as we pulled into Wellington two nights ago. Wellington is the southern most city in the northern island and is also the capitol of NZ. There is a lot of history in this city as well as the second largest in population next to Auckland.  Sarah, Bobby and I are staying with our friend Kelsi who is from the states and in BUNAC as well.  Her flat mates are all very chill and are willing to show us the stuff you cant find in the tour books.  The flat is a long two blocks from the beach so getting some sun on Christmas wont be a problem (unless of course the sun doesn’t feel like celebrating with us) Yesterday was our first full experience of Wellington so we decided to go the the national museum. Te Papa (Maori for Our Country) is huge with four floors of three to four different exhibits on each floor. It would take a considerable amount of time to see all of it since we spent a good three hours and I only got through two exhibits.
I am excited to spend Christmas in this city but I do miss my family and would love to spend this time with them.  It wont be the same holiday without my family (but there are so many OTHER holidays ~right guys!?) As for us, I think we will go out to a fine dinner at Kelsi’s restaurant where she waits then perhaps to treat ourselves to another NZ tradition -go see King Kong.  So this Christmas will be pretty low key and that’s just how I like it and save the grand extravaganza for New Years! 😉
I just want to thank everyone who has kept in touch with me and I really am thankful you even though I am so bad at keeping in touch on my end.  I just wish and hope someday you all will get to experience a place like this and you know I would bring you all along if I could. Have a merry Christmas and a safe New Years!!