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3rd Installment of the NZ Series! (originally posted 5/21/06)

FINALLY! The Wellington tribute is up for you all! I think its the most entertaining installment so far so I would like some feed back of your thoughts and concerns, fears and wants, joys and sorrows! ….or just give me an honest opinion 🙂

  • Jennifer Slaymaker Cancino

    Very cool Mike…i always love looking through all your stuff, very creative, thought provoking, inspiring. Makes me jealous….’why didn’t I think of that angle??’

    I would love to have to photo my girl, Ella. She is a doll. If you’re ever in Nashville 🙂


    • admin

      I just might be in Nashville this summer actually 🙂

      Im working at the Bonnaroo music and arts festival in June! Will you be around either around the 7th or the 16th?