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Alive in Welly (originally posted 2/13/06)

South Island ViewWell well how is life for everyone? Mine has been pretty up and down for the past month and a half. Sorry to everyone for not keeping in touch (but Im not very good at that anyway…as you probably already know by now) So here is a little update on what my life consists of right at this moment.
A few weeks ago I hooked up with a temping agency which specializes in the hosting/serving industry. Since then I have only been able to work only one job since I was still getting situated in my flat and such.  But the job I did manage to get was the annual International Sevens Tournament in Wellington’s Westpac Stadium. Sevens is a very quick style of rugby which uses only seven players (instead of the regular 15) playing in two 7 min. quarters (instead of 40) and it reminded me of a weird mix of ultimate frizbee, soccer, and really big guys destroying each other.  I was on the pitch security team directly on the field so basically I stood there looking at the crowd for anyone who feels the need the hurl a beer bottle or the urge to hop the barrier and run onto the field (streakers and all) Unfortunately there was none of the such because Kiwi crowds are extremely well behaved, even though they consume more alcohol than I think I have ever even seen in my lifetime.  Everyone dresses up in every costume you could imagine and has old-rooma good time which didn’t give me much to chase after but it did give me something interesting to look at while standing for 21 hrs. in two days.
After the successful weekend, I am now getting more and more jobs through the agency. I am now working at a banquet in the Te Papa this weekend and for the Wellington Opera House catering/serving all of next week. It should be an interesting time and I will get to meet some new people as well (all from the hob-knob artsy, fancy types as well as the lowly, poor travelers like myself).
I am now without a mode of personal transportation as Sarah now has the car and the luxury of moving herself to where she pleases with ease. I am now reduced to the Stagecoach bus transit, a bike, long board, train, or my feet (which I have found out wont get me very far). My world has now shrunk to the size of my neighborhood and the amount I am willing to pay for a bus pass. Im taking it as a good thing because it will reduce the amount of stress (all that it takes to take care of a car…and yes I AM stressed sometimes) as well as some distractions, i.e. an easy way to go spend money and the fact that  I can go anywhere at anytime. It forces me to be content where I am and to perhaps crack open a book and expand my mind and perhaps connect with some  ideas.  So hopefully by the next update you will be impressed my grasp of the English language by the expansion of my mind through reading, YEAH! Take care and thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming! Farewell I miss you all.

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